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The Dresser

Yes, that was the title of a wonderful 1983 film starring Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay. But that’s not why I bring it up. No, I want to talk about an actual dresser. Oh look! I just happen to have a photo of it:

Hmmm… now that I look at it, it’s probably too small to be called a dresser. Well, whatever it is, it’s in my dad’s bedroom. It’s been in his family as long as he can remember (and he’s REALLY OLD!). He hadn’t seen the piece in decades until very recently, but that’s another story entirely! I took photos of it in the hope that I might be able to figure out when and where this thing was made, and whether it has any value as an antique.

I’ve spent enough years watching Antiques Roadshow on PBS that I feel reasonably secure in saying that this piece is probably not particularly valuable, but I’m very curious to know more about it. If any of you have any insight or suggestions, I’m all ears!

There were some additional clues to be seen on the back of this piece.

The lettering seen here reads “Forsyth & Berry Detroit.” It seems probable that this was the name of the furniture store or dealer that sold the piece, but it’s probably not the people who made it. I fiddled around with various image levels to bring out the detail in that lettering, which you can see in the second photo below.

(Where are the Keno brothers when I need them?)


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