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Hawkey Night in Chicago

I took in Friday night’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild. The game ended (predictably) in a Hawks loss, but it was an entertaining contest. For a team that began the night with a 7-game losing streak, the Hawks played a very spirited game. They outshot the Wild by a wide margin – 43 to 16, yet could get the puck over the goal line only twice. Here’s a photo I took at the game. I’ve worked on the colors quite a bit. In the original image, the ice had a dingy, brownish-yellow tinge, among other issues, so I decided to have some fun and go overboard in correcting the colors, and I’m kind of happy with the result, strange as it may look.

The Minnesota Wild player in white is Aaron Voros (#34). The Chicago Blackhawks around him are goalie Nikolai Khabibulin (#39), Brent Sopel (#5), and Rene Bourque (#12). In fact, Mr. Sopel scored the first goal of the game. It was unassisted and came off a bad giveaway in the Wild zone. Sopel intercepted a pass right in the middle of the zone and skated in alone for his first goal of the season.

It was all downhill from there for the Blackhawks. The Wild had precious few shots on goal, but they made the most of their scant opportunities, while the Hawks kept on working but didn’t seem to have anyone who could finish on a scoring opportunity. In fact, the Hawks’ only other goal came while they had a 5-on-3 advantage – not exactly a testimonial to their offensive prowess.

Before the game, we enjoyed dinner in Greektown, which is only a few minutes from the United Center. Since we usually end up at Pegasus (and had eaten there only a week earlier), we decided to go someplace else. That ended up being Santorini, just around the corner from Pegasus. I ordered the saganaki (flaming cheese) and broiled orange roughy, and washed it down with a glass of retsina. All three items were exemplary. Hmmm… let me try that again – all three items were WONDERFUL! I would go back there in a heartbeat, and for any lame excuse I could muster! I believe my companion felt similarly about the place, so this isn’t just me sitting here salivating at the memory.

Directly across the street from Santorini is yet another Greek restaurant by the name of Greek Islands. While it’s been a few years since I last set foot in there, I had to take this picture. It’s like this, ya see – all along the side of the building are the names of various Greek islands, which I had never before focused on much. But last night, I noticed that the island listed right near the front door is none other than Spetses, which was where I spent over 3 weeks during my trip to Greece in 2000! I also cropped and otherwise massaged this image quite a bit, greatly reducing the number of colors. CC really dug the results and thought it looked rather Edward Hopper-ish. Given that Hopper is one of my favorite modern artists, I’ll take the compliment!

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