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Perhaps, like the Ring of Power, it wanted to be found

I glanced today at my living room bookcase, and my eyes happened to focus on my copy of Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune. I read the book while in high school and had to laugh when I saw it today – I thought it was such a long book at the time, yet I see now that it is a rather modest tome, weighing in at barely 400 pages.

As I flipped through the book, I found this photograph lying between the pages. It is my brother Dan, on what I would suppose to be his 18th birthday. There are several pieces of evidence which support that dating. First, he has what I take to be a piece of birthday cake in front of him. Second, he looks about like he did in his high school graduation picture. And third, the staging of the shot – surrounding him with alcohol – is highly suggestive of turning 18, since that was Michigan’s legal drinking age at the time. I only wish I had come upon this a couple months ago, since his birthday is in late December – oh, there’s a fourth piece of evidence – the Michelob Christmas packaging, as well as the decorations in the windows!

For the record, this was taken in the kitchen at our Detroit house on Camden Street.
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