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WhoseSpace Is It Anyway?

Recent events compel me to take a break from tales and images of Florida in order to offer the following important information for anyone with a MySpace account:

Today I received a comment on MySpace apparently from a friend of mine, telling me that:

“hey there.there's someone posted something really suck about you in a blog, you got to check that, link here…”

– followed by a link. When I clicked that link, I was taken to what looked like a MySpace log-in screen. But before doing anything, I realized that I was already logged in, so it didn’t make sense that I was being asked to do so again. Then I looked up at the URL. It indicated that I was at a web site called “” Note the 2 letter c’s in that URL. Yeah, it’s a fake website, presumably designed to snare one’s log-in info. I called up my friend who had apparently sent me the comment. Sure enough, she had no idea what I was talking about – she hadn’t sent it. But she HAD been sent the same message and had gone ahead and logged in, which apparently then allowed the host to use her account to send out messages to everyone on her friends list. She has since changed her MySpace password, and I feel like I’ve dodged a cyber-bullet. So look out for this. You have been warned!

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