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Florida on $1,000 a day – Part III

Here we are at a historic moment, as we enter Lakeland, spring training home of the Detroit Tigers. It was only after returning home that I realized I was capturing myself in the rear-view mirror as well!

Once again, lots of photos, so . . .

This was the view from our very excellent seats at Marchant Stadium, albeit with the camera lens zooming in somewhat. Here we see Tigers’ coach Andy Van Slyke and Tigers’ infielder Brandon Inge. As for the Indians’ first baseman and the umpire – well, who cares? (though one woman in the stands was heard to opine that this umpire had a nice butt, so perhaps I should be more respectful!)

A moment not captured through my lens occurred in about the 4th inning. A foul ball came whizzing our way and clocked the woman seated three seats to my right. It caught her flush on the left shoulder and sounded rather like a watermelon hitting the pavement. As is usually the case with such incidents, the guy behind her got the ball. The woman was escorted behind the stands, where she lay stretched out for a time. When she got up, she was taken to meet a bunch of Tiger players and was given a ball of her own. She returned to her seat a few innings later and watched the rest of the game with an ice bag pressed against her shoulder. I guess she made out all right, but I couldn’t help but feel a little badly for her – she had arrived at the game wearing a knee brace and using a cane, though she appeared to be only about 30 years old, so I don’t think she needed something like this to add to her troubles!

Me after the game, with the Tiger dugout and home plate area behind me. They say the camera adds 10 pounds… so where did the other 50 come from?

It is purely coincidental that I am positioned right next to giant letters reading “Joker.” This was taken after the game, as my sunburned thighs can attest.

The following day, we drove to Winter Haven, spring home of the Cleveland Indians. Word on the street is that the Indians will be moving their spring home to Arizona starting next year, so I’m glad we got to see Chain of Lakes Park.

This was the view from our terrific seats at Chain of Lakes Park. I’ve included this particular shot for my Chicago Cub fan readers. The batter is new Tiger Jacque Jones, who played for the Cubs last year. We shall see whether the ex-Cub factor is alive and well!

For reasons I won’t get into, we ended up with a free upgrade from Dollar Car Rentals. They tossed us the keys to this Chrysler Sebring convertible with about 400 miles on it. It was a sweet way to spend a week tooling around Orlando!


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