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Grabbing the Family Jewels

Posted on 2008.04.12 at 00:29
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Peaceful Easy Feeling - The Eagles
I may not be posting again for a few days – I’ll be taking the Amtrak to Detroit for a 3-day weekend to visit the family. Specifically, we’ll be getting together to divvy up the jewelry that belonged to my late Aunt Irma. I’m told that one of my sisters counted over 500 pieces, so there should be a lot to look at.

I’m going there more for the family-get-together aspect of it. I’m not much into jewelry, and there seems no reason to think that Irma owned anything at all in the way of fine jewelry. Still, a few friends have asked me to be on the lookout for certain types of items, so I may come away with a few things stashed in my luggage.

One friend asked me to be on the lookout for “something tasteful.” in the way of earrings. I pointed out to her that I already have 2 strikes against me in the area of tastefulness in jewelry – first of all, I’m a guy, so that’s strike 1. Second of all, I’m a straight guy, so that’s strike 2. Still, I am not devoid of a fashion sense, in spite of all indications to the contrary, so I will try to find something for her.

In any case, it should be an enjoyable time, even though this trip means that I will have to miss the Pierogi Festival at St. Priscilla’s Parish here in Chicago. I am not making any of this up, by the way – one of my co-workers told me about it, and fully plans to be in attendance.

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