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The MI Generation

Posted on 2008.04.15 at 10:22
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Back from visiting family in Michigan (see previous post). Yes, sister H’s daughters tallied well over 500 pieces of Aunt Irma’s jewelry. They also wrote an accompanying log book which described each piece. When members of the extended family came together on Sunday at my dad’s house, all the jewelry was laid out on tables in the basement. Each was tagged with a number that corresponded to its number in the log book. Whew! Hats off to the girls for devoting several days to that massive effort!

I generally documented all of the jewelry in a series of 7 photos, plus which I captured some rare photos of family members. Well . . . the only really rare shot is one that has all 8 of us in one picture, arrayed in alphabetical order. With the passing of the years, it has become almost impossible to get all of us together at the same time, so I was happy to get this one!

We’ll start with the 7 jewelry photos:

Here are the 8 of us – top row A-B-C-D, bottom row E-F-G-H. Photo courtesy of AJ.

Here we see one of the risks of holding an open house. This puppy wandered in and immediately adopted one of sister H’s daughters!

Two rarely photographed people in one shot – my father and sister B.

I’m putting this photo out here since it doesn’t quite match up thematically with the rest. As my sister B was driving me to the train station Monday morning, I saw this and made her pull over so I could capture it. Of course, Mr. Cooper has been in the news again lately. Who knew he’d used his ill-gotten gains to open a bar in Madison Heights, Michigan? Maybe their slogan should be “Drop in anytime!”

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