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Irish I May, Irish I Might…

Posted on 2008.04.15 at 23:51
Current Mood: fullfull
Current Music: Long Tall Glasses - Leo Sayer
Sometime in the mid-1980s, I attended the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. Had a great time as I recall, though my specific memories of it are pretty limited. I remember that the biggest name there, at least to me, was Arlo Guthrie. Although I have greatly enjoyed folk music here and there, I don’t follow it particularly; someone could be a big star on the folk circuit and I might not have ever heard of them.

There is one other memory that sticks out. It’s a quote I heard that night that I’ve thought of (and used) many times over the years. It was spoken by an old Irish singer. He was a large man with thin gray hair on top of his head, though he more than made up for his near-baldness with a pair of bushy white eyebrows. In his thick brogue, he summed up his basic life philosophy: “My stomach will never know that I am a poor man.”

Lot of truth there – if you’re eating as well as that, then you have a great deal of what makes life good. In my own life, this philosophy manifests itself in the fact that, even if I don’t have a whole lot of leisure cash, I will always lay out the money for good food. Bear this in mind should we ever find ourselves dining together!

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