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Red Wings1

Are there any sports fans at Sports Illustrated?

Posted on 2008.04.19 at 01:23
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I wasn’t planning on writing more about the hockey playoffs until after the first round was completed, but I saw something tonight I have to share. A few hours ago, Johan Franzen of the Detroit Red Wings scored in overtime to give the Wings an overtime victory over the Nashville Predators, giving Detroit a 3 games to 2 lead in their series. Let me go over that once more – the Red Wings beat the Predators. Yes, I’m sure – I watched the game on TV.

The folks at the CNN/Sports Illustrated web site appear to have been watching a different game. In the screen shot below, I have merely added the box around the article title near the lower right-hand corner; everything else you see is exactly as displayed on the CNNSI web site. It looks as if Friday Happy Hour went on a little late tonight!

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