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Doing Choreography*

Posted on 2008.05.06 at 00:43
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* Thank you Danny Kaye!

Yes, the rumors are true – we’re coming back with a new take on Song-Poems Wanted! – The Musical. It will be performed one night only at The Theatre Building on West Belmont on Wednesday, May 28 at 8:00 p.m.

So what exactly will we be doing that night? What will we NOT be doing that night? Why should you be in attendance? How can you get tickets? So many questions —

The readings we did in February and March consisted of the cast sitting (or standing) on stage behind music stands. This time around, we’re putting the show on its feet. We’re adding in movement and even dancing. Yes, yours truly (in the role of Sharkey) will sing and dance a song along with three lovely ladies (informally known as the Sharkettes). We choreographed the number last night, and I realized that this is the first actual choreography I’ve had to learn since my trip to Greece in 2000. Let me just say this – they didn’t cast me for my dancing ability so you would be well advised to avert your eyes and enjoy the dancing of the Sharkettes at that point!

This will still not be a full production. Our musical accompaniment will still be minimal, though we have the great good fortune to have Kat as our musical director/keyboardist. There will be some costuming, but it will not be a fully realized design for this version. We will once again be performing on the set of another show. Also, we will probably not have everything memorized. We’re probably going to have a prompter in the front row, but we’re still working out the details on how that will be handled.

The authors solicited a great deal of feedback from those who saw our earlier readings, and they have taken many of those notes to heart. There have been some major rewrites since March, and quite honestly, they have made the show a lot better. The authors will once again be seeking audience input after our performance on May 28th, so here’s your chance to have your voice heard!

So why should you see this show? Well… because I’m asking you to? Hmmm… maybe I can come up with some better reasons than that… You should see this show because it’s entertaining; because it’s your chance to see an early version of a show that just might go places at the end of this development process. And because admission that night will be free! The only catch is that seating is limited. You need to drop me a note in the next week or so, so that I can reserve tickets for you.

So if you can make it, I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to let you know what to expect, and what not to expect!

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