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Plane Stamp

Opening/Closing Night

Posted on 2008.05.29 at 00:28
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: She Brings Out the Devil in Me - from Song-Poems Wanted! – The Musical
As I write this, it’s been just a couple hours since we completed the one and only performance of the latest incarnation of Song-Poems Wanted! – The Musical. I can honestly say that it went better than I thought it would. That happened for several reasons:

First, the script is clearly better now than it was for our readings in February and March. Larry Carpenter, our playwright, made a lot of smart choices based on feedback received from those readings and produced a play that flowed far better and was much more accessible for the audience. Second, we had a lot of awfully talented performers in the cast – some terrific singers, dancers, and actors, and a couple of pretty fine guitar pickers among them. Next we have our choreographer Jennifer Cupani, who accomplished a great deal in just a few rehearsals. Her work added some great fun to the show, and her eye for movement was also a help even in scenes in which choreography was minimal. As always, our musical director, Kat Tahiri, was there with her nimble fingers on the keyboards and her sterling ear to guide our voices onto the right track. Also very large bouquets to Natalja and Christian, who did a thousand little things to help the show run smoothly.

For me as an actor, it was a joy to do good work with good people. When you’re trying to act with someone whose head isn’t in the game – well, it’s the sound of one hand clapping. But tonight, we had some genuine fun out there playing together. Part of that fun was doing it for an audience for the first time and finding out where the laughs were (and weren’t).

That’s the final piece in tonight’s puzzle I want to acknowledge: the audience. There were quite a few familiar faces out there, and I think they genuinely enjoyed the show, which made all of us feel good. Thanks to all of you who made it out for the show!

I’m not planning on looking for anything in the near future in the way of performing opportunities. Frankly, I have personal things to attend to that are long overdue to be addressed, so a part of me is happy that this show is off my schedule now. At the same time, I’m sorry the show is over. Tonight felt like the kind of run-through one does a week before a show opens – except tonight was closing night. Ah well. Such is the nature of a project like this one. I’m very glad I did it. Thanks again to FP for putting Larry and me in touch with one another back in January and getting me involved with these folks!

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