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No, not goodbye . . .

. . . just so long for now to my friend Amy. She is on the road as I write this, driving from Chicago to L.A., off to give her best shot to the West Coast acting scene. The circumstances of her life seem to have been lining up for the last several years to give her this opportunity, and she’s going for it. Good for her! I always like it when my friends make courageous choices, not only because I want them to achieve great things, but also because I hope it might help inspire me to follow a few dreams of my own!

I’m not sure what else to say about Amy except that we’ve had a lot of fun, attended each other's shows, taken some wonderful hikes, eaten a LOT of good food together, seen each other in both good and bad moments, and managed to remain dear friends through it all. So I’m not losing a friend here . . . I’m just gaining a friend who’s giving me a good excuse to visit L.A.!

The camera is very fond of Amy (an affection she gladly returns), so if you click the link below, you can see a few of her faces. And if you're a producer and you react by shouting, "That's her! She must star in my next picture!" -- well, I can put you in touch for a modest finder's fee. ;)

That's Amy on the left next to Francesca. This pic was taken on the Greek island of Spetses, where I met both of these fine people!

Yeah, that was a fun party!

OK, no hats, no shades, just Amy, straight at ya!

Now you see her, now you don't! So long and good luck!

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