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Two different corners of my world

CC just picked up some photos today, and I want to share two of them with you. The first one refers back to the auto accident she and I were involved in a month ago (you can read about it in my posting of 12/31/05).

You’re looking at the remains of a Ford Focus. Yes, it was officially totaled and will not be replaced anytime soon. I’m still amazed that we walked away from it. One little mystery is that broken windshield you can see on the passenger side, which incidentally was where I was sitting. I was securely belted and the airbag went off, so I had no interaction with the windshield, I’m happy to report. My theory is that it could have been caused by the passenger side rear view mirror on the other car, since that’s about where we struck him, but I guess we’ll never know.

The other photo is something considerably more enjoyable:

That would be a cage containing two gerbils that now occupies a corner of my living room. The gerbils are both female, by the way, as we are not idiots. They are remarkably energetic and industrious creatures, and they love nothing more in the whole world than to get a hold of an empty paper towel roll and rip it to shreds after crawling through it repeatedly. It looks as if they’re having a great time, and I’ve tried hanging around the gerbil cage to see if they might invite me to join in the fun, but no luck so far. Well you know what? That’s fine! You hear me, you guys? I don’t need the two of you to have a good time! Oh look! I’ve got, like, three empty toilet paper rolls here. I guess I’ll just sit here and rip them up in front of you. What’s that? Yeah! Come on over and join in! Oh wait, you can’t – BECAUSE YOU’RE LOCKED UP IN A CAGE AND I’M NOT!!!

I’m just glad I don’t have any unaddressed issues in my life, or this gerbil thing could really make me look like a weirdo.

The table, by the way, is a lovely piece of workmanship from the hand and mind of my father, who designed and executed that lovely tile inlay and put it all on a practical pedestal table that he created as well. He gave it to me last year, and I hadn’t quite decided how to put the table to use until the gerbils came along. It’s so nice to have friends and relatives who know how to make things!

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