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Two people I know were having a conversation the other day. The one closer to my age spoke of the good time she had at a recent Poi Dog Pondering* concert.

The other one, the one far younger than me, furrowed his brow as if trying to remember something. Then he brightened and said, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of them! My older brother was into them for a while! Before my time.”

OK, I’m not the youngest kid on the block, but if Poi Dog Pondering is an oldies act, what year is this? The next thing I expect to hear him say will be, “Early Rock? You mean, before Beyonce left Destiny’s Child? Before 50 Cent hooked up with Eminem?”

* They’re a lot more popular in Chicago than nationally, so this story is a tad Chicago-centric. Still, the parties in this discussion are both Chicagoans, so I’m going to allow it.

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