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A little validation

Posted on 2006.02.02 at 17:49
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Current Music: In the Jailhouse Now - The Soggy Bottom Boys
Although I’ve lived in Chicago for over 13 years, I lived most of my life before that in Detroit. I have always recommended the Henry Ford Museum to folks visiting Detroit as one of the absolutely essential places to visit when you’re in town (technically, it’s in Dearborn, MI, right outside of town). I bring this up because I just ran into an unlooked-for endorsement for the HFM – from Peter King in his Sports Illustrated on-line column. You can link to it right here. Of course, the sports media people are currently swarming all over Detroit in advance of this Sunday’s Super Bowl at Ford Field, and well, they can’t cover football 24/7; they have to take some time for recreation too, and a group of them were apparently steered toward Dearborn. This pleases me greatly, as I regard the HFM (together with Greenfield Village, right next to it) as one of the great under-publicized treasures of the American museum landscape. Full disclosure – I worked at the Henry Ford Museum on and off for quite a few years, both on the stage of the old theater in the museum, and as their Santa Claus one December (you can read more about that in my journal entry of 12/5/05).

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