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The Years (By)Pass

Posted on 2008.08.17 at 18:38


(Anonymous) at 2008-08-26 13:54 (UTC) (Link)

The fight against fat!

I've always battled the bulge. As time goes on it does get harder and as I slide into my fifties it seems that I am loosing the battle. I have steadily gained 10-15 pounds every year. I don't eat more so it doesn't seem fair. My metabolism is slowing down. I have thought about surgery...not a good option for me. I do not heal quickly. I am trying to step up my metabolism with exercise. I joined a gym. I love to dance and play laser tag, so I try to do those things that I love as much as possible. I have lost 16 lbs since April. Not much but I am trying to change my life....I am like your friend and looking into the future I do not want to be an invalid when I am elderly. If I keep gaining I will top 300 by retirement and that is not how I want to retire. She is very lucky to have such a supportive fiend in you. My husband is trying....but it is hard to understand when you never really have had a weight problem. It sounds like CC really has her head screwed on right and this is going to last her lifetime. I'm so happy for her! Now me!
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