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Art is Where You Find It

Posted on 2008.08.22 at 01:06


(Anonymous) at 2008-08-26 00:18 (UTC) (Link)

Examined it Myself

Hmmm. I took a good look at this thing this afternoon on my way to class. I think it's "USED"! The pigs have obviously broken off at one point and were stuck back on with an iron rod. The top of the pyramid is chipped as well as some of the pigs' trotters. I also see rust or fungus of some sort in some fine cracks in the pigskin. Lastly, if you look closely at the pic, you will see the faint impression of lightning bolts running up the side of the pyramid. These are on all four sides. The overall installation of the piece looks pretty amatuerish...it's sitting on a slant. I'm guessing someone wanted to get rid of it, so just placed it there. CC
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