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Theme Weekend

I didn’t know it when the weekend began, but the unifying theme turned out to be reunions with friends I don’t see often enough. On Saturday, it was Mildred, who I wrote about a few entries below this one. Today, it was a suddenly planned informal get-together with Mary, David, and their two daughters. This was especially cool because it was my first time meeting Noelle, their youngest. I don’t have anything in particular to say about it, except that it’s always a delight to see them, and their daughters are just adorable. As with most children, they possess boundless energy, coupled with an uncanny instinct for doing the very thing they should not be doing at any given moment. But I look at it this way: that’s their job at this age – to find out how the world works by testing and traversing its limits. I offer these two photos in evidence of their adorability:

That’s 4-year-old Faith, Daddy David, and 1-year-old Noelle. I’m sorry that I’m not listing David’s age; it’s only because I don’t actually know it.

Noelle again. Such a cutie!

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