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head shot

There’s No People Like Show People

Posted on 2008.08.26 at 00:04
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Sitting – Cat Stevens
If you’ve ever been in a play, I think you’ll appreciate this. It’s a reference to the mindset that often accompanies people involved in a production. Their world becomes very narrow and focused. The show they’re rehearsing may have no budget and may be some piece of avant-garde weirdness whose target audience exists only in the dearest fantasies of the cast, crew, and playwright. No matter. To them, it’s the nexus point of all of their juices, Muses, and abuses.

At such a time, an action that might normally be eschewed in the name of courtesy may become completely acceptable in their minds. Acts of petty larceny and what might seem like vandalism to some can become reasonable and defensible acts. I’ve been there, friends; I’ve shot up that drug known as theater and have done what seemed necessary to keep the gods smiling upon me.

The folks in the Admissions Office at DePaul University seem to have figured all of this out, probably the hard way. They happen to be located in the same building as the DePaul Theatre Department. I had occasion to be in that building over the weekend and I snapped this photo of a bench outside the Admissions Office. The bench is about 6 feet long. It’s a nice old weathered piece of wood, painted dark brown, that could potentially grace many varied stage settings. It looks as if it may have begun life as a church pew. In any case, the Admissions people have made an attempt to dissuade the theatrically smitten from making off with it. I wish them luck.

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