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Mystery photo

JB, a dear old friend from Michigan, sent me a link to this photo the other day. She offered no annotations or comments, only the photo.

Well, there are things I know and things I don’t know about it. For starters, I have no recollection of where or when this might have been taken. However, I can safely infer from what I’m wearing that it dates from about 1986, and well, y’see… there’s a lot of stuff I don’t remember from the mid-80s, OK? I look as if I was pretty happy at the moment this shot was snapped, which is no mystery at all IMHO.

It does look as if this was snapped at a Ren Fest or feast, but the puzzling part to me is that this was a time in my life when I invariably attended such events in costume, though it does appear as if I might be holding a program in my hand. If anyone has any brilliant insights/guesses, please pass them along. In any case, I thought folks might get a kick out of seeing this. Hmmm… maybe I should have a Photo Captioning Contest…
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