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It’s Brilliant; Brilliant I Say!

This happened recently to a woman I know. She was on the road, far from home, and realized that she’d forgotten the charger for her cell phone. These things are, of course, far from standardized and there are lots of different ones for lots of different phones.

She went to the front desk at her motel and explained her plight. She then asked whether she could look in their lost-and-found to see if there might be a charger she could use. Well – there was! The guy at the front desk told her that it had been there for a while, so she might as well keep it!

I have made a serious mental note of this. If you’ve spent much time on the road, you know what a pain it can be to find yourself without a needed item such as this. If this trick worked even once for me in my life, it would be a wonderful thing, and I wanted to share the idea with the wider world.

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