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New Zoo Review

Posted on 2008.09.08 at 00:12
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We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo on Sunday. There were several good reasons for this: 1) It had been quite a while; 2) It’s easy to get to; 3) I LOVE the zoo!; 4) The LPZ is America’s largest free zoo (i.e., admission is free, not the animals – they’re kept safe from human interference); 5) It was a glorious day to be walking about outdoors, perhaps one of the last such Sundays remaining in the year.

I took a bunch of photos there. It was a challenging environment in which to take decent pictures in spite of the wonderful subject matter. Most of the pix that follow were taken at maximum zoom, so I’m happy that some of them came out well. The one shown above was my favorite, by the way.

If it isn’t apparent, these are statues. They are situated high above as one passes through the main gate of the zoo.

I didn’t catch the species of these particular primates, but I can attest that they are quite fanatical when it comes to grooming one another!

It’s good to be at the top of the food chain – and I ain’t lion!

Some thought this was a llama, but no, it’s an alpaca, placidly partaking of a sip of water.

These are the animals who really run the joint – they far outnumber any other specific breed and they’re not kept in cages or pens.


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charlesofcamden at 2008-09-08 05:23 (UTC) (Link)
I saw one tiger. I think it was a male. It was so breathtakingly gorgeous that I forgot to take its picture!
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