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Thank you Mr. Newman

Posted on 2008.09.27 at 22:35
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: The Entertainer - from The Sting
I've been out of town on vacation this week and I didn't bring my computer along, which is why there haven't been any new posts here lately. I won't actually be home until Sunday night, but I'm on a computer right now and I want to express my sadness at the passing of Paul Newman.

Newman had a remarkably long career. There have been plenty of actors who have passed away and caused one to think, "Who knew THEY were still alive?" but that wasn't the case with Newman - anybody in touch with pop culture knew he was around and still contributing items to his long resume right up until quite recently.

I just treated myself to a viewing of Slap Shot a few weeks ago, though my favorite performance of Newman's was probably in The Verdict, which I consider to be an absolute classic of the cinema. I'm sure everyone has their own favorite; I wouldn't blame anyone if they preferred The Color of Money or The Sting or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid -- or any of a dozen others. We've lost one of the giants, but his body of work remains vibrantly alive.

Side Note -- Our ID cards at my day job, which we use to open the office's electronic doors, used to be gray and featureless. One day, a coworker brought in a paper place setting from the Planet Hollywood restaurant that was then just north of the Loop. The place setting was festooned with high school graduation photos of people who went on to become big stars. I cut out the photo of Paul Newman and taped it to my ID card. When my boss noticed it one day and asked why I had done this, I replied, "Well, I always figured that if I had the face of a young Paul Newman, it would open doors for me..." She shook her head and walked away. Not that I blame her.

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