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Oh My Blog! (OMB)

I saw this on Amy’s blog today, and I simply had to appropriate it. Amy who, you ask? Ah, there’s my little joke. As it happens, I know a great many Amys. Well, to start with, if your name is Amy and you’ve never seen this picture before, you can rule yourself out. I got it from the blog of the Amy who I’ve never met, but who found my LJ today while searching for other stuff on the Web. She’s a proofreader and an editor – and a good writer to boot! If you’d like to see it for yourself , there’s a link to her blog in the Comments section of my post titled “Ad Nauseum” several entries below this one.

I should also mention that I showed this cartoon to a devoutly Catholic friend of mine and she laughed, so I will offer that as the Imprimatur on this entry!
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