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Mystery Mail

Posted on 2008.10.07 at 23:21
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Current Music: The Letter - The Box Tops
I have an odd story to relate. Let me set it up —

Almost five years ago, I went through my photo archives and put together an album of family scenes from the 1970s. In fact, I even titled it “That 70’s Album.” I quote myself here from page 1:

. . . These were years during which I had become the de facto family photographer . . . I wanted to share these with all of you because there have never been any prints made of these outside of the original set, so these photos could only heretofore be seen if you had my photo albums in front of you . . . Christmas 2003.”

I scanned selected photos, printed and bound a bunch of copies, and sent one to my parents and one to each of my seven siblings.

Fast-forward to three days ago. My brother Dan called to thank me for the photo album. He and his family were all enjoying it immensely. He’d received it in the mail last week! He hadn’t noted anything unusual about it; it wasn’t all bent and beat up. He assumed I’d just sent it a few days earlier! Unfortunately, several days had passed and he hadn’t saved the envelope. It would have been nice to have actually seen the Chicago postmark from 2003.

His wife Nancy had a brainstorm – she recalled that there was a recent story in their town of Royal Oak, Michigan about a local mail carrier who was caught with piles and piles of undelivered mail in their garage. Hmmm… Maybe this album from me was part of that stash? I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the truth of the matter. I’ve asked Dan to make discreet inquiries among our other siblings as to whether and when they received their copies of this album.

So if you’ve mailed anything to Royal Oak in the past several years, be advised that it may have just recently been delivered. I’m just glad that Dan and Nancy hadn’t changed residence since then!

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