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From Bad to Verse

Posted on 2008.10.15 at 00:13
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Solitaire - Neil Sedaka
Two quick bits, one written by me and one written by that prolific author, Anonymous.

The first one was my response to someone asking me to QUICKLY make up a limerick. As I recall, he was not pleased with this result, but it got him off my case:
There was a young man from Chicago
Who said, “Nothing rhymes with ‘Chicago.’
Since I don’t have the time
To make up a rhyme,
I guess I will just say ‘Chicago.’”

I don’t remember where I got this one from, but it has been firmly lodged in my brain for a long time:
He lived by the sewer,
By the sewer he died.
The police called it murder,
But it was sewer-side.

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