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Oy, the Jury! – Chapter 2

It seems they won’t be requiring my presence at the courthouse for the balance of the week, but I’m still on call for next week’s rock-‘em-sock-‘em judicial action. I want to add one little vignette from Monday’s proceedings. It was a moment that gave me a smile and I hope it will do the same for you.

My day began in the big jury room, along with 80 or so other prospective jurors. There was a desk at the front where several people were at work, including one man who would call names over a microphone. He was clean-cut, pleasant fellow of about 50. His voice, as we heard it over the speakers, seemed reasonably articulate, but otherwise fairly bland and featureless, until one particular moment, when he tipped his hand as to where he hailed from. He had just called out a long list of names of prospective jurors who were to be escorted to a specific courtroom. He helpfully added the note that we should “…make sure you take your coats and cell phones wich yuz.”

That wasn’t a typo on my part – he said, “wich yuz.” If the meaning of that phrase isn’t clear to you, try saying it out loud a few times while pretending you’re from the south side. You’ll figure it out pretty quickly. Anyway, it gave me a smile.

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