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Option Clause

Did anybody else catch that remarkable new ad for Jaguar? Amid alluring glimpses of the car itself, the announcer informs us that “Performance is not an option. Luxury is not an option.” Is anyone else hearing what I’m hearing? That word “option” is one we all use when talking about buying a car. I’m imagining the following exchange between a customer and a Jaguar dealer:

“Can I get this with air conditioning?”
“Yes of course. Air conditioning is an option.”
“How about a CD player?”
“Certainly. That is also an option.”
“OK, but what I really want is performance and luxury.”
“I’m sorry, haven’t you seen our advertising? Performance and luxury are not options.”

Yes, I know what they were trying to say. But they seem to have said exactly the opposite, at least if you view it from my admittedly warped perspective!
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