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Some Turkeys Die…

Posted on 2008.11.30 at 00:18
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Current Music: Wondering Where the Lions Are - Bruce Cockburn
…while others just get ready to play the Vikings next Sunday. But I’ll talk about the Detroit Lions more in a bit.

In the meantime, just what is Captain Underpants doing floating above downtown Detroit? Hmmm… I smell an essay contest! I only saw about two minutes of the Thanksgiving parade. Jim and I parked beneath Grand Circus Park on our way to the Lions game, so we got there just in time to see this impressive aircraft before heading over to Ford Field. I spent several days in Detroit, but I’m back in Chicago now.

This is Burger. He is a Good Dog, if that isn’t obvious from this photo. My sister Ellen brought him with her to Dad’s house, so Burger & I got to renew our acquaintance. If anyone has any insight as to what breeds might comprise Burger’s lineage, please feel free to share!

This sculpture made me smile. It is in Grand Circus Park in Detroit, and it also functions as a bell if one swings its clapper.

Yes, that’s an ugly score, but it was not unexpected. The Lions are the only winless team in the NFL at 0-12, while the Tennessee Titans stand at 11-1, so I walked in ready to see a serious whuppin’. The local papers called the loss “embarrassing” the next day, but I can’t quite agree with that view. Now if the Lions had beaten the Titans, THAT would have been embarrassing – for the Titans. Indeed, if any team were to lose to the Lions, THAT would be embarrassing. But when the worst team in the league gets trounced by perhaps the best team in the league, I don’t think that’s quite the correct adjective. The above photo is the beginning of the play on which the Lions scored their only touchdown of the game. Quarterback Daunte Culpepper (#11) is about to throw the ball to Michael Gaines, who was already standing in the back of the end zone out of frame when I snapped this. As you can see, we had an excellent view of this play – and many others that were far less cheery.

After the game, it was off to Dan & Nancy’s for T-Day dinner. Unlike the game, everyone was a winner in this arena. We followed up the meal with a few hours of euchre. If you’re not from Michigan, you have a decreased chance of knowing what that is. I would hazard a guess that it is more popular in Michigan than just about anywhere else. btw, it’s a card game.

The following evening, I accompanied Dan and my nephews Noah and Andy to the Pistons game at The Palace of Auburn Hills. The outcome, as you can see, was far superior to that of the game I’d attended the previous day.

This lovely bit of woodworking was created a few years back by my father. It resides in Dan & Nancy’s living room. I wanted to show it here not only because it’s very attractive, but also to introduce a note on my dad. One of my major aims on this trip was to spend a lot of time with my dad, and I’m happy to report that I did just that. We spent a couple days talking, and talking, and talking some more, about a great diversity of topics. I think that made both of us happy. A result of that decision on my part was that I did not have time to look up any of my many Detroit friends. On top of that, there were two of my seven siblings that I didn’t get to see this time around, but I trust they will understand my choice of priorities.

I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday as well!


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charlesofcamden at 2008-11-30 06:59 (UTC) (Link)
Well, there are actually only 3 different foods in the dish. The white stuff at either end is mashed potatoes. The orange stuff is mashed sweet potatoes and the green stuff is a spinach & swiss cheese dish that I ate a LOT of. As for why Nancy decided to do it this way, I can only chalk it up to an aesthetic choice -- or maybe she was trying to conserve serving dishes. There was also a turkey on the table, but since I don't eat fowl, I photographed this instead.
Burger, I am told, rarely barks/howls. The thing I wonder about is the shape of his feet -- they don't seem to match the rest of his body. Hound feet? I must watch more of Dogs 101 on Animal Planet.
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charlesofcamden at 2008-11-30 07:23 (UTC) (Link)
For what it’s worth, here’s another angle on Burger. I did not, alas, scrutinize his feet very closely. I do know that he is quite an old dog.

Edited at 2009-11-06 08:41 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous) at 2008-11-30 15:38 (UTC) (Link)

Burger's lineage

That is so nice that you chose to tackle our sweet dog's ancestry! He is certainly part black lab, but from there we don't know and he's not telling! Short of a DNA test, we can only guess. I'm of the mind he's part terrier and some hound. He loves to hunt squirrels and chipmunks and other small rodents, and he will howl only if he thinks no one is home and there's someone at the front door (I've only heard him do it twice in the almost two years we've had him). He is nine years old and only 55 lbs, so kind of small for a lab. We really don't care what he is, it's who he is - that's just an awesome dog for our family! Happy Holidays! -Middle Sis
P.S. Had a great time visiting with you, Chuck!
(Anonymous) at 2008-12-03 02:06 (UTC) (Link)

If I may.....

Mashed potatoes with parsnips, butternut squash and you are correct on the composition of the spinach. It was a colorful dish presented for color as well as taste. Plus, no butter or sugar was harmed or used in the making. Glad you were here both for Thanksgiving and to the Pistons game.

charlesofcamden at 2008-12-03 04:11 (UTC) (Link)

Re: If I may.....

Thank you for clarifying all of that, and thanks again for all of your kindness and hospitality!
dummylady at 2008-12-03 20:17 (UTC) (Link)


It's great that you are spending time with your dad. I am lucky that my mom lives close now and I get to see her once or twice every week.

If you come home for christmas our band is playing in Plymouth on December 27th at 10pm at night. It would be great to see you there!

charlesofcamden at 2008-12-04 00:35 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Holidays

I would love to catch your gig! At this point, it seems unlikely that I will be leaving Chicago for the holidays. Not for sure, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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