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Well Turned Phrase

Posted on 2008.12.12 at 13:51
Current Mood: spacey
Current Music: Space Oddity (David Bowie)
I haven’t yet seen the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, which opened today at a movie theater near you, but I appreciated the following quote from Roger Ebert. It is in reference to Keanu Reeves’ performance in the film as Klaatu:

“He is so solemn, detached and uninvolved he makes Mr. Spock look like Hunter S. Thompson at closing time.”

I then read Tom Charity’s review of the same film on CNN.com. It is interesting (and perhaps even cautionary) to note that he too was moved to make a comparison between Keanu and Mr. Spock:

“If you’re going to cast a top star as an alien being, Reeves seems a solid choice. He’s always been able to process human emotion with a Spock-like detachment.”

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