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It is, after all, an anagram for SATAN

Q: What language does Santa Claus speak?
A: North Polish!

— Trad. Christmas joke

The idea for the title of this post came to me from The Church Lady, aka Dana Carvey, on an old episode of Saturday Night Live.

I was trying today to remember the circumstances under which my belief in Santa Claus came to an end. I can’t seem to recall a single dramatic moment when it all came crashing down. I suspect it was a more gradual realization, though my father certainly deserves some credit for unintentionally (?) undermining my belief. I know there was at least one time when I saw an ad for some must-have toy on TV — I mentioned within earshot of my Dad that I hoped Santa would bring me the item. My father dismissed that notion with the comment that it was “too expensive.” While that remark may have seemed insignificant to a third party looking on, it gets a kid to thinking… Too expensive… For whom?… For Santa?… That doesn’t make any sense… For my Dad?… hmmm…

Let me be clear about this – I’m not judging anyone else’s belief system. If you believe in Santa, that’s totally cool by me. I’m not here to tell you that he isn’t real… just that he isn’t real TO ME. OK? Feel better now? Now go on, get back to making out that Christmas list and get it in the mail to the North Pole.

But I want to put the questions out there – Do you remember when you stopped believing in Santa? What happened? How did you feel about it? Or do you still believe?
[If you answered ‘yes’ to the last question, please include your age and the name of your legal guardian.]

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