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Hangers On

Posted on 2009.01.09 at 00:29
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I frequently travel on both the #36 Broadway bus and the #22 Clark bus here in Chicago. As I journey up to my neighborhood on the north side, either route takes me past a large number of dry cleaners. There is one very small thing I’ve been meaning to bring up for a long time now. It has to do with these neon hangers that may be seen in the front windows of virtually every one of these establishments. I have quite a few questions about these neon hangers – when did this become the standard for how a dry cleaners front window should look? Is this how they do it in other cities? What lucky neon sign company holds the trademark on these? Are these a sign that the cleaners is controlled by the Neon Mob? Also, whereas some cleaners will have a mere 2 or 3 neon hangers on display, others will have a dozen or more running along two sides of the building. Does the number of hangers correlate to the quality of work done there?

I know that we all have more pressing matters to attend to, but these questions have been nagging at me for some time and I would appreciate any guidance you might have to offer.


jenniferblaufra at 2009-01-09 06:33 (UTC) (Link)
I know that we all have more pressing matters to attend to...

I have no answers -- only giggles.
charlesofcamden at 2009-01-09 20:23 (UTC) (Link)
I appreciate your appreciation!
Over time, my appreciation only appreciates!
(Anonymous) at 2009-01-09 17:04 (UTC) (Link)


Perhaps it is related to the wonderful lyric by Don Henley, in his "Opus" called "Paradise". I quote: "to light their neon way, and give them things to do." He is referring to "pretty people" in southern California. But it may have relevance. After all....if you have time to think about this while the signs light your "neon way" up the bus route, then you need some things to do. The "pretty people" part has me baffled, though. So maybe it's all about Eagles and perhaps it is time for a change in your lifestyle???????? CC
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