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Dream Sequence

Posted on 2009.01.10 at 13:23
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It was only a little over a week ago that I wrote of my “about once a year” reporting of dreams. Well Dip Me in Bosco and Call Me Sally, but I’m here to report another one!

This one is considerably lighter in tone than the one previously related. In it, a friend and I attended a movie together. She coincidentally(?) wrote of her recent dreams just the other day, though there is no other correlation between our subject matter. But back to the dream – the movie was some Pixar or Pixar-esque animated kids’ movie. It was mostly filled with such stuff as happy pink dinosaurs and puffy clouds, though rendered with all the artful CGI detail we’ve come to expect of such films. It also, as one would expect, worked in little nods and references that only the adults would catch, so as to broaden its appeal.

At some point, though, the film took a left turn. The F word was suddenly heard, followed by a hefty assortment of various B, S, and C words. My friend and I looked at each other and shook our heads. At that point, I noticed that she had brought along two large suitcases. Seeing me notice them, she mentioned that she had just flown into town and had come straight from the airport to the movie theater. After a few more bizarre scenes that threatened to turn the film into an animated version of Pulp Fiction, she leapt to her feet with a heavy sigh and stormed to the rear of the theater. She spent the rest of the film back there, pacing back and forth. When something particularly ridiculous or out of place would occur on the screen, I would hear her smacking her forehead or muttering to herself.

The final scene in the film was a major gun battle that left some happy pink dinosaurs with bullet-riddled bodies. As the final credits were rolling, accompanied by some Loony Toon-ish music, the house lights came up. I saw that there was a mother and child a couple rows in front of me. The child was crying, head buried in mother’s side, while she offered the soothing reassurance that “it’s only a movie, honey!”

My friend came back down the aisle and began to close up her suitcases. She did stop, however, to cast a glance my way. With a bemused smirk on her face, she quietly said, “Well THAT sucked!” I nodded in agreement and said, “Yeah, it did.” End of dream.

We’re not drawing any heavy morals here. I should note that, in spite of the mayhem and other bizarreness happening in the movie, this was not a stressful dream in any way. But it was a weird and amusing dream, so I wanted to pass it along.


(Anonymous) at 2009-01-11 22:56 (UTC) (Link)

Making Movies

Such a movie sounds like it should have an R rating. Yet, according to MPAA.org, "The Rating Board may nevertheless rate such a movie PG-13" (from a special vote by the board) if most parents would not object to the context or manner of the use of bad words. Assuming the dinosaurs were not having sex, that leaves only "intense or persistent violence" to achieve an R rating.
-- ggreen
charlesofcamden at 2009-01-11 22:59 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Making Movies

I don't recall any sexual content in the film; the problem areas were definitely violence and language. But regardless of that content, the movie sucked, so I sincerely hope this was not a dream of precognition.
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