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How to Tell Our Cats Apart

Posted on 2009.01.24 at 17:31
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That’s Cy above on the left and Puck (aka The New Boy) on the right. Though it may not be apparent in these full-front shots, Cy has a much pointier face than Puck. Cy is about 3 years old, while Puck is about 7 years old. Cy’s body is longer than Puck’s, but Puck weighs more than Cy. If the lighting is dim and one has any doubt about which cat one is seeing, the big giveaway is their tails. Cy’s tail, as previously reported in this journal, is a great plume of a thing. It is a feather duster come to life, with a habit of insinuating itself into one’s life, eyes, mouth, food, and drink.
Puck’s tail, on the other hand, is… oh, what’s the word… oh yeah – NORMAL! It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a sight hereabouts, what with Cy’s megatail on the one hand and the late Bun-Butt’s utter lack of a tail. We’ve haven’t traded in normalcy around here in a long time. I guess it takes all kinds.

Puck has been here for 5 days now. I had to check the calendar to verify that number, and I was stunned to realize how little time has passed since we acquired him. I have never seen a cat make himself completely at home so quickly. CC estimated the time at precisely 3.6 seconds, and that sounds about right. As I figured, Cy has quickly established Puck as the dominant cat in the household. It seems that Cy lives to be dominated by another cat, so he’s happy now. As for Puck, he is a very talkative cat. He rarely raises his voice above a normal conversational tone, but he has a large vocabulary of many assorted meows, mows, rows, meps, and row-owwwrrrs. It will take some time for us to translate them all into English, but it’s fascinating to hear nonetheless.


moonlitrose9 at 2009-01-24 23:55 (UTC) (Link)
You'll never be able to translate them all into English because cats have secrets that humans are not allowed to know. Either that or they just want to drive us crazy trying to figure out what they want!!!

So pleased he's settled in so well. Hugs to both.
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