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Transition Point

As I compose this post, I am sitting at my desk in the Loop on this, the last day of my old job. At 5:00 p.m. today, I will undergo the traditional ceremony of handing over my keys, my electronic pass cards, and of course, my Manual of Company Secrets that we are all given after 15 years with the firm. As a final expression of my rebel nature, I am writing this essay on company time even though it is clearly personal work, something I have never done in my 16+ years here (cough, cough). And, as an additional gesture of my newfound anarchic freedom, I am refusing to capitalize the ‘f’ in ‘firm,’ as we normally do here. Whoa, mothers! Keep your daughters from me; I was born to be bad!

Yesterday, my boss sprang for a lovely going-away luncheon in my honor. She consulted with me ahead of time and asked what sort of cuisine I would like her to procure. She guessed Indian and she was right. I did, however, make this request: “Please don’t call a regular caterer and ask them to prepare an Indian menu,” I told her, “because that is invariably a disaster. If you’re going to order Indian, please order it from an Indian restaurant.”

I don’t usually get so bossy with my boss, but I think I had a bit of leeway in this instance. As a devotee of Indian cuisine herself, she agreed with my suggestion. She even asked me to suggest a few specific entrees, which I did – gotta love that sag paneer!

The dessert was a nice surprise. It came not from the caterer but from a consortium of four coworkers, each of whom brought in a separate dessert they had baked themselves. Nice!

My day is scheduled to end on a sharply contrasting note: CC has insisted on treating me to a movie tonight. For this purpose, she has selected Hotel for Dogs from the current roster of cinematic offerings. So that’s how it’s going to be, I guess – the moment I leave here, I’m going to the dogs.

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