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The Music of the Might

Posted on 2009.01.31 at 15:21
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For the benefit of you folks who are not residents of the state of Illinois, I’d like to recap a couple of important developments that have taken place in recent days: Illinois governor Rod “Alfred E.” Blagojevich has been removed from office on account of some well documented corruption coupled with Blago’s remarkable stupidity and arrogance. This means that Lieutenant Governor Patrick Quinn now finds himself our top man in Springfield. Even as the clouds of impeachment were gathering, Rod exercised his legal right as governor to appoint Roland Burris to the U.S. Senate as Obama’s replacement. To mark this historic set of transitions, I have composed the following song, sung to the tune of that old ditty, “Mighty Quinn the Eskimo.”

Quinn the Governor
(with apologies to Bob Dylan/Manfred Mann)

Come all who doubt
The wages of sin.
I hope you’re ready for the Mighty Quinn!

Everybody’s blaming
For finding such creative ways
To make himself more rich.
Everybody’s trying to cover Blago with shame,

But when Quinn the Governor gets here,
We are gonna have a new guy to blame!


You can say what you wanna say
About old Mr. Q.
You say you didn’t vote for him
Or Mr. Burris too.
You can say they owe it all
To Blago for their fame,

But when Quinn the Governor gets here,
We can all correctly spell his name!


You know we haven’t heard the last
Desperate speech from old Rod.
He says he’s pure as Lincoln
And depressed as Mary Todd.
Maybe like the phoenix you believe you’ll rise again.

But when Quinn the Governor gets here,
He will end your dream of 2010.



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charlesofcamden at 2009-02-01 06:20 (UTC) (Link)
/bows, thanks appreciative audience
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