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Posted on 2009.02.04 at 10:08
I was friended this morning by an LJ user named kzhebr. Never heard of 'em, so I didn't immediately friend them back. Instead, I looked around at their journal. New one, only 2 entries, yet LJ-savvy enough to have them both marked as "friends-only." Most significantly, the latest entry tells a tale of extreme depression with their job. It ends with a link to a site that offers to help you find a better job. It is also worth noting that the time stamp on the latest entry is about 7 hours in the future from now, which suggests to me that it may be originating from eastern Europe. I'm mentioning all this particularly because I see where this user has also listed several people from my friends list as their new friends. My advice: stay away! I'd bet this LJ will be disappearing very soon.

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