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Nerd is the Word

Posted on 2009.02.09 at 19:13
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Columnist Paige Wiser wrote this article, which appeared in today’s Chicago Sun-Times. It’s an amusing account of a Chicago dating service called Nerds at Heart. It is, as you may surmise, intended for nerds who want to meet others of their kind. To be fair, there is no entrance exam or list of qualifications. The King and the Queen of the Prom are free to join if they wish to self-identify as nerds.

While I commend the entire article to your attention, there is one part of it I want to repeat here. They were giving an example of one of Nerds at Heart’s success stories – a couple that met through them that is now engaged to be married. This quote from the bride-to-be is the one that got me: “I found myself staring at Josh much of the night, actually because his smile reminded me so much of Gilbert Gottfried.”

Nothing against Mr. Gottfried, who can be a very amusing fellow, but… how can I put this? Help me out ladies; maybe I’m not the best judge of male attractiveness. Is Gilbert Gottfried your dream date? At all? ’Cause I’m not seeing it. Thank you!


wrybbunz at 2009-02-10 16:05 (UTC) (Link)

From Sandy at McKinsey

But you know, 'The people are better looking than you'd expect.' Keep that in mind, mister. ;)
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