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Photo roundup

No unifying theme here. Just a small collection of photos I like that I’ve recently taken or acquired.

These were sent to me yesterday by sister B. They were taken while I was home for weekend leave during my hitch in the Army. No? What, you don’t believe me? OK, the truth is that it was supposed to be a General Patton-ish outfit for a live show I was hired to perform at a gathering of Detroit Free Press district managers. It was up to me to go to the area Army Surplus store and put together the outfit. I still have the helmet. Just in case.

I began by taking a flash picture of these two (Cy in front, Puck in back). Then, just for the heck of it, I took one without the flash even though I didn’t really have enough available light. Well, I ended up liking the non-flash shot a lot better, graininess and all, so here it is!

This is Cy, completely taken up with his new favorite toy – the CD tray in my Mac. If I press the F12 key, it open/closes the tray. Cy would be content to let me do that all day long.

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