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Could These Quotes Be Wilder?

A friend of mine posted a fun movie quiz on her LJ yesterday. It involved identifying the actor based on a group of movie quotations. While it did not inspire me to create a quiz of my own, it did move me to put together a collection of quotes from the late, great director Billy Wilder (as documented by the also-late, also-great Steve Allen)…

Wilder was positive that Suddenly, Last Summer, the first picture to deal with contemporary cannibalism, would not be a success. “In this movie business, you learn that you do not offend pressure groups. Do not offend the Jews, the Catholics, the Protestants, the dentists, the Seventh-Day Adventists, the Rotarians, the Lions, or any other group. That picture will flop,” explained Wilder, “because it will offend vegetarians.”

“We shoot only from angles that tell the story and push it along,” Wilder said. “None of that overhead stuff. When someone turns to his wife or neighbor and says, ‘My, that was beautifully directed,’ that’s proof that it was not.”

Wilder had a bad back for a time, “How did you get it?” a friend asked.
“I have been to famous doctors everywhere for years,” he said. “They could not tell me anything about it. Finally I came to my own conclusion. I got it from trying to make love to girls in hallways, in Vienna, when I was a boy. Some nights, there were no girls – only hallways.”

Wilder made Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe, who showed up late most of the time and sometimes never came to work at all.
Wilder said he’d never make a picture with her again in the United States. “But I would do it in Paris,” he said, “While we were waiting for her, we could all take painting lessons on the side.”

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