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Osiris2, Cy2

The P in Puck

Posted on 2009.02.24 at 12:42
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We’ve had quite the procession of animals come and go through our home in the last several years. First we lost our cat Easel to age and infirmity (FYI, she was so named due to having 3 legs). A couple years later, we lost fellow felines Tick-Tock and Brownie within a few months of each other; Tick-Tock to age and Brownie to illness. We’ve had Gerbilann and Gerbilee come and go. In December, we lost our cat Bun-Butt to illness stemming from deformity, which came from her Manx genetics. Most recently, we’ve acquired Puck (seen below), who has become good buddies with Osiris (seen above right), who’s been here for two years now.

The really big change we find in our current pet situation is that we now have two cats who are utterly fastidious in the use of their litter boxes. Cleanup is now a relative breeze, since every nasty thing is in the box – and buried, I should add! And to be perfectly blunt about it, the apartment smells a whole lot better.

Bun-Butt, as documented in earlier posts, was unable physically to get over the lip of even a shallow litter box. To her credit, she invariably went near the box, and we ultimately had her trained to go on strategically placed paper towels, but this was still pretty far from ideal. Before her, we had Tick-Tock and Easel. Each of them in turn had their own problems with thinking outside the box, especially later in life.

So we’re pretty happy about our current pet situation. At present, we find ourselves with two healthy, relatively young cats (Osiris is 3 and Puck is 7), who don’t even smell bad if you bury your nose in their stomach. You may take my word on that or, if you’re ever over here, you’re welcome to find out for yourself!


moonlitrose9 at 2009-02-24 19:19 (UTC) (Link)
If I'm ever in Chicago I shall take you up on that. One of my favourite things to do is to rub my face in a kitty tummy - mmmm yummy.
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