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I know an Olympic poetry medalist!

Posted on 2006.02.20 at 23:10
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day - Jethro Tull
Watching the Olympics tonight, watching these madmen with skis on their feet and poles in their hands, I was suddenly reminded of a short poem written many years ago by my older brother (who coincidentally is celebrating his birthday today). He must have been about 11 or 12 at the time, by my reckoning. I remember giggling uncontrollably at the time, and I can confirm that this bit of verse has lost none of its power to amuse, as it had much the same effect on CC when I recited it to her this evening.

See Jean-Claude
See Jean-Claude, skiing down the hill.
See the tree, standing still.
See the anguish on his head.
See Jean-Claude, lying dead.

All right, it’s not Noel Coward, but it’s a pretty elegant, yet heinous, bit of verse for a 12-year-old!

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