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Look who rolled into town!

Yes, that is the one and only Mildred in the center of the picture! She is living in Massachusetts these days but came into town for a visit. We met at an attractive neighborhood bar called The Coach House on West Wolfram, and a whole bunch of her ex-Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding buddies showed up, including yours truly. Seen around Mildred, left to right, are Kelley A., Victoria M., Alison L., and Heather W. I won’t try to list everyone else who was present, but suffice it to say that a couple dozen TnT-ers showed up, including Dez herself!

I know there are some of you who wished you could have been there but weren’t able to attend, so I wanted to share this snapshot with you. I can also report that Mildred says she feels great and hopes she will be back.

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