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Believe It

Posted on 2009.06.08 at 22:53
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As an FYI to one and all, I am nearing the end of my time as the Chicago Skepticism Examiner for Examiner.com. If you go there (you can click the link to the left if you like), you’ll find the following paragraph near the end of my latest entry (titled “We’re all skeptics”):

“On the topic of self-skepticism, I want to close by passing along the result of some personal reflection. I will soon be discontinuing this column as the Chicago Skepticism Examiner. Changes in my professional situation have sadly left me with little time to pursue this type of writing, as one may see by the dearth of postings from me in recent weeks. I have greatly enjoyed my time here. I’ve had a chance to think and write about a lot of subjects dusted out of the corners of my brain. I’ve learned a lot and traded notes with some fascinating people. Some of them have agreed with me; some have helped to expand my knowledge of a given topic; and some have thought I was an impertinent fool. I thank every last one of you for taking the time to read and comment. I may yet be contributing a column or two in the next few weeks before I sign off for good, but I thought this would be an appropriate column in which to let you all know my plans, and how much I’ve appreciated the opportunity to share my thoughts with the Examiner.com world. With regard to that sentiment, I am not the least bit skeptical.”

Thanks also to all of you from the LJ world who have visited me in my other online incarnation. Among other things, I’m hoping that this move will help to focus and enrich the writing I will be continuing to do here.

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