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…Now Where Was I?

Posted on 2009.07.31 at 00:32
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Did He Shoot Her? - Elton John
After perhaps my longest hiatus since beginning this journal four years ago, I have returned to the Friendly Confines of LiveJournal. A couple things have been keeping me away.

The first one I’ll talk about is this: I’m in a show! Yay me! It hasn’t been easy finding a show that would be compatible with the demands of my day job. Y’see, the specter of overtime is always hovering over me, as I work for a small company and there’s only one other person there who does what I do. But this theatrical opportunity came along and it looks like it’s going to work out.

It’s a comedy improv murder mystery. I play the role of temperamental German film director Werner von Hindenburg, in town to cast and shoot my new film. A mysterious death has already occurred when our show begins… and another one takes place during the show, right before the audience’s eyes! But who is the murderer? The sophistication of the plot is not exactly up to the level of a Sherlock Holmes mystery; hell, it’s not even up to the level of a John Holmes porn film. But that’s OK – we’re not doing Ten Little Indians here. Any actual logic in the show should be considered an anomaly, since it’s not really what we’re after.

Our regular run will begin in September and I’ll write more about that when the details become clearer. But our first performance happened a few hours ago as I type this. After all of four rehearsals, we put the show on its feet tonight in a special performance for the potential bookers of the show. After the show, we received word that they liked what they saw so they’ve given us the green light! But like I said, I’ll be publishing more on that in the near future.

Our show has a cast of six, and every last one of us is a former cast member of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. So is our director and our stage manager. There are, in fact, one or two moments in our show that purposely borrow devices from TnT as a little homage and wink to any fellow TnT alums who might see the show.

So I’m happy to be back on the stage and exercising my atrophied improv muscles!

The other thing that kept me busy of late was several days spent last week at CC’s vacation cottage, Carmelot. That story is illustrated with a few photos, so if you want to see/read all about it…

This shot was taken in the sleepy town of Mendota, Illinois. The real point of interest here is my water glass. Like all the other glasses I saw there, the rim on this venerable hunk of plastic is essentially serrated with innumerable dings and pockmarks. Whether this came about as the result of A) Normal use; B) A vigorous dishwasher; or C) The teeth of innumerable patrons – well, maybe there are some mysteries I don’t want to know about.

While out in the middle of the state, we made a stop in Peru, Illinois to take in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The timing was right, as CC and I have both just recently finished reading the final book in the Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was with some trepidation that I decided to see this film in such an out-of-the-way place, as it promised to be a special effects-heavy film best seen under optimal conditions. I’m happy to report that the Carmike Cinema in Peru offered us a clean, comfortable theater, a well-lit screen, a finely tuned multi-channel stereo sound system, and excellent popcorn! The film itself is, I believe, the best film in the series to date.

We packed up both cats and took them with us on this trip. Here we have Puck on the left and Cy on the right as they sit enjoying sights, sounds, and smells of much more interest to them than their normal Chicago apartment sensory inputs.

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