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Plane Stamp

The Month of August Does Not Exist

Posted on 2009.08.05 at 11:25
A little essay that struck me as an appropriate vehicle for making my first Voice Post on LJ:
(Edit: If you'd rather read it, just click below on the word "Transcribed")

590K 2:56

Transcribed by: charlesofcamden


(Anonymous) at 2009-08-07 13:26 (UTC) (Link)
Cool audio post! The things they can do with technology these days... As an FYI, you have a brother that got married in August, and your little sister birthed half of her six children in August. I will agree in our childhood it didn't hold much weight, but now it's just like all the rest! - Middle Sis
charlesofcamden at 2009-08-07 13:53 (UTC) (Link)
OK, so I took a teensy bit of poetic license on this one!
wrybbunz at 2009-08-11 21:57 (UTC) (Link)


August 2 is my birthday! August 28 is the birthday of my dearest friend's little girl. My grandmother was born in August. Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962 (3 days after my birth). August was named after Augustus Ceasar by the Roman Senate, who increased the days from 30 to 31 so it would match July (Julius Ceasar), i.e., not be inferior to it. August is the German form of Roman Augustus, meaning 'venerable'. August is when the gold and orange and yellow comes out -- Leo's favorite colors and metals. I'm sorry you think it's so empty -- it's always my favorite month. :) Maybe I've helped you find more appreication for it?
charlesofcamden at 2009-08-11 22:01 (UTC) (Link)

Re: August

I call this good news! I now have some absolutely excellent reasons to hold this month in high regard. It wasn't that I held it in low regard before -- it's just that I had no reason to regard it at all. Thank you!
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