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Artistic Evolution

Posted on 2009.08.18 at 15:38
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Star Baby - The Guess Who

Time to revisit our ever-changing piece of neighborhood sculpture. Long-time readers will recognize it from earlier posts. It began life a couple years ago as a pyramid topped with a couple of flying pigs. I have never claimed any particular insight into the artist’s meaning or intent. Earlier this year, the pigs disappeared. They appeared to have been violently wrested from their base, though whether this was simple vandalism or artistic criticism is anybody’s guess.

A few weeks ago, another alteration showed up in the form of the punctured metal star that now tops the pyramid. If you can’t make out the inscription, it reads “…and freedom for all…” Whether this was done by the piece’s original artist is a mystery. I can only offer it here as an object for discussion, distraction, argument, contemplation, or veneration.

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