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Don’t know if this will mean anything…

…to anyone besides me, but here goes:

As I was returning to the office from lunch, a group of four people, two men and two women, got off the elevator. They were apparently just leaving for lunch, and the conversation centered around their potential choices of cuisine. One of the men had apparently just asked the other man a question, and he was responding.

“They have this thing called a ‘chimichanga.’ It’s good!”

It was the way he said the word, ‘chimichanga’ that got me. He said it as if it was a word he’d read, but had never before said aloud, yet he was trying to sound like an educated, though casual, gourmand. That, and the distinctly condescending air with which he was explaining it to the other fellow. It was a good character to note and store for future use as an actor. I thought for a moment that it would have been amusing to follow them and see how this conversation progressed… but I quickly thought the better of it and went back to the office.

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