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Closing the Cell

We took in Friday’s baseball game between the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The Sox will spend the last week of the season on the road, so this series was their last home stand of the year. They’ve been eliminated from the pennant race, but the Tigers are still clinging to first place, barely ahead of the charging Minnesota Twins, so this was a big game for this expatriate Detroiter to attend.

We took the L down to the game. The photo above was taken right after we stepped off the train onto the 35th Street platform, which runs right down the median of the Dan Ryan Freeway (I-94). Note the threatening skies over the stadium. Rain was in the forecast and much of the game was played in misting conditions, though it never broke into a hard rain.

The rain also failed to put a damper on the fireworks show that followed the game. In fact, it was really quite first-rate, and while I didn’t time it, it seemed to go on somewhat longer than other Sox fireworks nights I’ve attended.

Friday night was also Hispanic Heritage Night at US Cellular Field (nee Comiskey Park), which only added to the spectacle of the evening. The front of our section (section 105 for the record) contained a large, enthusiastic group that spent the evening cheering loudly and waving multiple Puerto Rican flags. The closest we came to actively participating in the evening’s festivities was consuming an order of nachos and a churro, but we were with them in spirit.

The only negative all night was that the White Sox somehow motivated themselves to shut out the Tigers 2-0. Gordon Beckham strengthened his case for Rookie of the Year consideration by hitting a 2-run homer to account for all of the game’s scoring.

It is Sunday night as I write this and the White Sox have managed to take 2 out of 3 from the Tigers. A week from now, the season will be over – unless the Tigers and Twins finish in a tie, in which case we will have to endure the tension and potential heartbreak of a one-game playoff. Check back with me then.

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