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Autumn Road Trip

CC and I took a final trip (for the year) out to Carmelot. To review, Carmelot is the name CC gave to her property at Woodhaven Lakes Private Recreational Camping Resort in distant Sublette, Illinois. Fall Festival was taking place at Woodhaven while we were there, and the special events included a petting zoo. What’s special about the above photo is that CC is wearing a cap she knit for herself that depicts a line of alpacas – and she’s feeding an alpaca at the same time! It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

Another shot from the petting zoo. CC is feeding a very insistent young goat. There were quite a few goats there, and “insistent” is a fair way to characterize the lot of them.

There were two teams of Clydesdales pulling wagonloads of visitors around the grounds. I took this picture of one team while I was riding in a wagon being pulled by the other team. So far as I can remember, this was the first time I’d ever ridden in a horse-drawn vehicle.

We drove to the nearby town of Peru to take in the sights, which included the antique mall. It was located off a back road near the interstate, behind the off-track betting parlor. In fairness, there was a lot of cool stuff in there and we didn’t have time to see even half of it, but I had to take this picture because I found it striking that we should be seeking out this unsightly building, jutting up so inelegantly into the grey sky in the middle of nowhere.

Back to something easier on the eyes – this is one of the many lakes within the grounds of Woodhaven.

No, this isn’t CC’s place. It’s one of the nicest mobile homes we saw there, and I wanted to help spread the word on what a lovely place Woodhaven is.

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